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Okmulgee Regional Airport

We Fuel Your Flight!

100 W Airport Rd


Monday - Saturday

8am - 5pm

For all other questions

Airport Manager, Gary Utley 


After hours service



The airport is located a quarter mile east of Highway 75, north of Okmulgee. Historic downtown Okmulgee is 3 miles south of the airport.

24 Hour Self-Service Fuel Available!

If you appreciate the best fuel prices, the fastest turn around, and friendly, courteous service, come to Okmulgee Regional Airport. Don't pass us by; stop in for Jet A or 100 LL at the lowest prices and be on your way in a jiffy. We promise you a satisfying experience!

If you are a history buff, come see our historic airport terminal. Built by the CCC in 1943, dedicated in 1944 and designated for national defense, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It still serves as hangar space and houses one of two privately owned Pratt & Whitney radial repair facilities on airport property.

Pilot Information


AWOS Contact


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AWOS  118.22 
VOR with DME  114.9 
ILS  109.1 
Unicom Setting  123.0 

Runway  18-36, Concrete, 100' by 5150' 

Runway Capacity

Single Axle  75,000 lbs. 
Dual Axle  130,000 lbs. 
Dual Tandem  300,000 lbs. 

Taxiway Capacity

Single Axle  18,000 lbs. 
Dual Axle  29,000 lbs. 

Apron Capacity

Single Axle  30,000 lbs. 

Runway and Taxiway Lighting  Pilot Controlled 

Hangar Information


Okmulgee Airport has 22 hangars located on the field. We have a main hangar for overnight or temporary stays. We also have secure garages for your vehicle and airport related storage buildings.

Hangar Prices

Main Hangar  50' x 100'  $70 to $120 
T-Hangar Units 1-8  42' x 36'  $100 to $115 
Twin Engine T-Hangars  44' x 41'  $150 to $175 
New T-Hangars  42' x 36'  $165 



In 1942, the City of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, adopted a resolution constituting an agreement (CAA-AP-4) with the United States relative to construction, operation, and maintenance of the Okmulgee Municipal Airport. The Okmulgee Airport project was designated as necessary for national defense; however, it was to be operated for the benefit of the public except at such time as the military would need exclusive rights for defense. Construction of the airport was under the direct supervision of the Civil Aeronautics Administration. The project was completed and turned over to the City of Okmulgee on September 7, 1943. Prior to completion of the airport in 1943, the City's only airport facility was a turf landing strip 3 miles east of town on Highway 62. It was there that combat glider pilots and other airborne assault personnel were trained who later distinguished themselves in the bloody Airborne Operations of World War II.

In 1956, Ordinance No. 920 was adopted creating an "Airport Department" and "Airport Board". Throughout the course of years, the airport has been improved and updated, while remaining in continuous operation.

In 1999, the name of the airport was changed to Okmulgee Regional Airport to reflect its classification as designated by the Oklahoma Aeronautical Commission. This classification indicates that the airport meets certain criteria and serves a greater area than the Okmulgee community.