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Community Development

Planning and Zoning Coordinator


Code Enforcement


Online Billpay for permits and licensing, weed, trash, and dilapidated abatements 

Commercial Building Permit Form 

The "Zoning, City Limits, Historic Preservation District and Comprehensive Plan" map is now available online! 
Comprehensive Map 

The Community Development staff is involved on a daily basis with opportunities to improve the quality of life for our citizens. These responsibilities take the form of Code Enforcement, Building Inspections, Planning and Zoning matters, and Historic Preservation to name a few.

Building Inspection is provided to ensure that all phases of construction meet the accepted standards and safety codes. This is accomplished through the permit process. The inspections are made for the benefit of the current owner as well as future owners of the property to make sure that the property owner receives the services for which they have requested and that they were constructed in a safe manner. If you need to apply/renew a license registration for electrical, mechanical, or plumbing, please fill out the following form:  License Renewal Form 

Code Enforcement is intended to help with neighborhood appearance and welfare by helping to ensure properties are kept mowed, free of trash and inoperable vehicles. Please call (918)-758-1110 to report or to inquire as to a problem.

Alternatively, you can visit this link to submit a code enforcement complaint online. 

Historic Preservation, in conjunction with the Okmulgee Main Street Program, has assisted owners of our wonderful commercial buildings, that date to the early nineteen hundreds, with rehabilitation projects that have maintained the city's unique character. All structures within the bounds of the HP District are encouraged to maintain their historic characteristics. You can download the historic preservation district design guidelines by clicking the following link:

Historic Preservation District Design Guidelines 
Okmulgee's Historic Preservation District 

Planning and Zoning is also an important facet of Community Development. Before starting a new business or relocating an existing one, it is best to call (918)-758-1114 to discuss your plans first. Always confirm that your proposed business is allowed within the zoning requirements of your business location. Planning and Zoning staff can advise you as to what would be required to get your occupancy permit and any other business licenses.

The Planning and Zoning Commission holds regular meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at 5:00 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers. The Planning Commission may consider various development applications or any matter pertaining to the development of the city. The Planning and Zoning Commission uses the City's Comprehensive Plan as a guideline to help make consistent and forward-thinking decisions. The City's Comprehensive Plan can be downloaded by clicking the following link: City of Okmulgee's Comprehensive Plan. 
To make inquiries about Planning Commission agenda items, contact the Planning and Zoning Coordinator in the Community Develpment Office at (918)-758-1114. 

Planning & Zoning Application 

Application to Appeal for Board of Adjustment