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Fire Department



911 or (918)756-3511

Central Fire Station

333 N. Central Ave


Eastside Fire Station

1245 E. 8th St


Fire Chief

Bruce Swearingen


Fire Investigator

Rick Chisum


The Okmulgee Fire Department is a multipurpose department that combines the practices of fire protection, fire suppression and fire prevention into one department. There are 26 full-time employees in the department. The department is made up of a fire chief, fire investigator, three lieutenants, six drivers, and nine firefighters. The firefighters work 24 hours on and 48 hours off duty. The Okmulgee Fire Department's fleet includes eleven pieces of firefighting apparatuses, four of which are engine pumpers, including a 2004 E-1.

Burn Permit

Permission from the Okmulgee Fire Department for outdoor burning is required before any burning can take place inside the city limits of Okmulgee. Contact the Okmulgee Fire Department for details.

Fire Hazards

Information on seeking and eliminating hazards associated with fire in your home or place of work can be obtained from the Fire Investigator's Office.

Fire Inspections

The Okmulgee Fire Department conducts on a routine basis, fire prevention inspections for homes and businesses. For more information or to schedule an inspection, call the Fire Investigator at (918)756-1134.

Grass Fire

For grass fires, call the Okmulgee Fire Department at 911. Intentional burning inside the City Limits is prohibited except by special permit, issued by the Code Enforcement Office (see Burn Permits above). The Fire Department should be notified in advance of scheduled intentional burns outside the City Limits by calling the Fire Investigator at (918)756-1134.