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Public Works

Public Works

1309 North Okmulgee Ave


The City of Okmulgee Public Works Department is headed by Public Works Director, Rick Miller. The department consists of six main divisions and are listed below.

  • Public Works Operations
  • Central Repair (Fleet Maintenance)
  • Property Maintenance (includes parks)
  • Sanitation (refuse removal) & Recycling Center
  • Streets
  • Water & Sewer (line maintenance)

Public Works Operations

This department consists of the Public Works Director and support staff. The Director plans, directs, and oversees the activities and services provided by all departments within Public Works and coordinates departmental activities with other city departments and state and federal agencies, as required. This department communicates and participates, as a member of the City Management Team, in reviewing and recommending revisions to city ordinances, policies, and procedures in accord with the City Manager and the City Council. This department also analyzes current and future city infrastructure needs, capacity growth needs, and participates in and helps develop improvement plans to address those needs.

Water & Sewer

This department is also responsible for handling incoming telephone calls, preparing work orders for the various departments, and support for city residents and their concerns. They maintain official records, are responsible for the administration of standard operating policies and procedures, and provide support for all other departments.

This department is responsible for the construction, operation, repair, maintenance, and replacement of all city water and sanitary sewer lines, insuring continuous water and sewer service for the citizens of Okmulgee.

During weekdays, those experiencing sewer problems/backups or no water/water leaks, should immediately call the Public Works office from

8 am-12 pm and 1 pm-5 pm


After hours, on weekends, or on holidays

call the Police Department at


City crews are on call 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

Central Repair

This department is responsible for the maintenance of fleet vehicles and equipment for the city. The department obtains fleet tags, maintains and repairs city vehicles, and initiates requisitions and other procurement actions for the supplies and equipment needed to operate the department.

Property Maintenance

This department consists of Park and Building Maintenance and Traffic Control.

Park and Building Maintenance is responsible for the servicing and maintenance of all city parks, which includes routine mowing, weed eating, spraying, and trash removal. Maintenance of city buildings includes electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and construction and general preventative maintenance.

Traffic Control is responsible for the maintenance, fabrication, installation, or removal/replacement of all traffic and street signs within the city. Traffic Control maintains and monitors all traffic signals and school zone lights within the city, paints school crossing and center lines, installs/removes barricades, and assists with directing traffic when needed.


This department is responsible for the collection and removal of refuse (trash) for all citizens and businesses in the city. The department makes special collections as assigned (i.e., bulky item pickups, managing the city's Recycling Center, and participating in special recycling events when required).


This department is responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of the streets, drainage systems, and storm sewer systems within the city limits. During inclement weather, the department is responsible for keeping catch basins open and streets passable.