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Recycling Center

Okmulgee Recycling Center

301 E 3rd St

Corner of E 3rd St & N Muskogee Ave

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Regular Waste Recycling


Accepted Recycle Items 

Due to the excessive amount of cardboard that has been put in the recycling bin, a cardboard only recycling bin has been placed at the Recycling Center. Please use the cardboard recycling bin for your corrugated cardboard. This helps with the cost of having the bins picked up before both sides are full. It is located directly behind the recycling bins. Thank you for recycling and helping Okmulgee to become a greener city!

Electronic Waste Recycling Events

Residential Utility Account Holders

This event allows you the opportunity to dispose of broken, out-of-date, or unwanted electronic items.

Employees of the City of Okmulgee will be on hand to provide assistance, if needed. If you have any questions, please call the Okmulgee Public Works Department

Bulky Item Pick-Up

Residential Utility Account Holders

Accepted Bulky Items & More Information 

The City of Okmulgee provides a limited monthly bulky item pick-up service for residential utility account holders. For the purpose of this service program, a bulky item is defined as a single item that is generally too large to be carried by one person. Each utility account holder is eligible to request a bulky item pick-up for not more than 3 bulky items up to 4 times during each calendar year.

Please contact Public Works for more information or to schedule a pick up