Community Development


The Community Development staff is involved on a daily basis with opportunities to improve the quality of life for our citizens. These responsibilities take the form of Code Enforcement, Building Inspections, Planning and Zoning matters, and Historic Preservation to name a few.

Code Enforcement

Building Inspections

  • Ensure that all phases of construction meet the accepted standards and safety codes.
  • Ensures property owner receives the requested services.

New Construction/Remodel/Change of Occupancy

Administrative Review



Fee Schedule

Zoning and building associated permit fee changes in 2022 can be viewed here

If you need to apply/renew a license registration for electrical, mechanical, or plumbing, please fill out the following form:

Historic Preservation

  • The Historic Preservation District is encouraged to maintain their historic characteristics.
  • In conjunction with the Okmulgee Main Street Program.
  • Rehabilitation projects that have maintained the city’s unique character.

Additional Information

Community Tourism

Additional Resources

  • Online Billpay: for permits and licensing, weed, trash, and dilapidated abatement