Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is located inside City Hall at 111 E 4th Street. The Municipal Court hears misdemeanor cases that include criminal offenses, traffic citations, city ordinance violations, juvenile offenses, and parking tickets issued by the City of Okmulgee Police Department and Code Officers.

Online Bill Payments

The City of Okmulgee is now taking online Billpay payments through our Billpay Portal.

You will need to contact the Court clerk’s office at 918-758-1185, to obtain your case number, citation number and amount of fine.

Receiving a Ticket

If you receive a Municipal ticket and wish to plea bargain, please Email Lou Ann Moudy the City Attorney.

In particular, if you were cited for no driver’s license or no current tag, a reduced charge and fine is possible if, and only if, you buy the license, or car tag and bring your proof to City Hall to be reviewed. In addition, if you received a ticket for no insurance or no proof of insurance in your possession and if you actually had insurance at the time the ticket was issued, you may also bring your verification to City Hall to be confirmed.

These items must be received no later than the Monday prior to your court date or you will be required to present them to the Judge at your scheduled court appearance.

Failure to Pay

Failure to pay the ticket or appear in court and enter a plea will result in a Bench Warrant. We use the Okmulgee County Criminal Justice Authority for jail services. The maximum fine for some repeat offenses is $750 plus City and State costs, per offense, as ordered by the Judge. The maximum fine on most other charges is $500 plus City and State costs, per offense.

Municipal Judge

Judge Bill Barksdale presides over the Okmulgee Municipal Court, which is held on Monday afternoons. The Municipal Judge is appointed by the City Manager. The Municipal Court processes violations of City Ordinances resulting from citizen complaints, traffic citations and misdemeanor arrests.

Additional Information

For more information, contact the Municipal Court Clerk.