City Council


  • Mickey Baldwin : Mayor
  • William T Bryant: Council Member - Ward 1
  • Steven R Baldridge: Council Member - Ward 2
  • Dawn Carter: Council Member - Ward 3
  • Marcus Jeffrey: Council Member - Ward 4

Okmulgee City Council members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their services except for the reimbursements for expenses incurred during discharge of official duties.


Under the provisions of the City Charter of the City of Okmulgee, the City Council is composed of five members: a council member "at-large" who serves as the Mayor and one council member from each of the City's four wards. The "at-large" council member may reside anywhere within the city. City Council members representing a particular ward must reside within that ward at the time of their election.

  1. Steven Baldridge

    City Councilor (Ward 2)

  1. Dawn Carter

    City Councillor (Ward 3)

  1. William Bryant

    City Councillor (Ward 1)

  1. Marcus Jeffrey

    Vice Mayor / City Councillor (Ward 4)

  1. Mickey Baldwin

    Mayor (Councilman at large)